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Novak Djokovic calls out ‘witch-hunt’ critics, defends decision to hold tournament

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has been getting blasted over his decision to hold his regional Adria Tour tennis event a few weeks ago, due to the spread of the coronavirus, but he doesn’t seem to regret it.

Djokovic and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus, and it’s fair to question why they held the tournament in Serbia and Croatia — with fans in the stands, no less. There was no social distancing, nor was there many health precautions taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Not only that, Djokovic was spotted partying at a nightclub, which wasn’t a good look.

Well, as it turns out, he and his wife got infected with the coronavirus, and now he’s been drawing a lot of criticism over it. And yet, he defended his decision to hold the tournament, calling the negative comments a “witch hunt.”

“I can only see criticism lately and much of it is malicious,” Djokovic told the Sportski Zurnal. “It’s obviously more than just criticism, it’s like an agenda and a witch-hunt are on. Someone has to take the fall, a big name.”

He continued:

“I still haven’t decided whether I will play in the U.S. Open, the upsurge in registered COVID-19 cases in the United Staes and New York in particular are not playing into the event’s hands,” added Djokovic who was back in training on Tuesday with Troicki.

Not a good look for Joker. He probably should’ve just admitted fault and moved on.