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Patrick Mahomes clarifies which mystery liquid Tyreek Hill was drinking during game

NFL fans took note of when Tyreek Hill busted out a small container and drank an unknown liquid while getting worked on during Sunday’s game against the Saints.

Hill appeared to be dealing with a bit of stiffness or tightness during the game, as he was seen pulling up on one particular play. He eventually made his way to the sideline after that offensive series was over, and got worked on by a trainer. But when TV cameras caught him chugging a mystery liquid, fans made a big deal over it, claiming it could’ve been a banned substance or supplement.

It really was a silly accusation, as it’s hard to imagine any player would be dumb enough to ingest an illegal or banned substance on the field, during the middle of a game. The locker room makes more sense for that type of nefarious activity, as players are behind closed doors.

And, sure enough, it was much ado about nothing. Hill’s teammate, Patrick Mahomes, recently told 610 Sports Radio (Kansas City) it was pickle juice, as the speedy receiver had been cramping.

“That was the ol’ pickle juice, man,” Mahomes said, as transcribed by “You know, he was cramping up a little bit, so you gotta give him the pickle juice to get him back to ‘The Cheetah,’ you know what I mean?

“I’ve drank it since high school, actually, so it’s like a little shot. Just got to knock it to the head and not try to taste it as much as possible.”

Pickle juice does contain a healthy dose of electrolytes, so that makes complete sense.