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Steelers to mandate fans to wear masks if they can attend home games

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the latest team to inform fans that if they’re to attend home games at Heinz Field, they’ll have to do so wearing a mask.

It still does appear that the NFL is on track to kick off on schedule in early September for Week 1 play, but what we don’t know is how many fans will be in the stands, or what it’ll be like for them. Some teams have hinted there’ll be closing a number of seats and sections, while others, like the Packers, have leaned toward having fans wear masks.

The Steelers are apparently in that camp as well, as the coronavirus continues to rear its ugly head around Pennsylvania. As such, the Steelers announced that if fans are to attend games at Heinz Field, they’ll have to do so wearing masks.

“Our goal is to still have fans at Heinz Field this year with the understanding that social distancing, as well as all fans being required to wear masks, will play a role in the capacity to ensure a safe atmosphere,” Burt Lauten, the Steelers’ director of communications, said in a statement, via “We will continue to work with the NFL and public health officials to finalize plans for fans to attend our home games.”

It’s great to hear that some teams are taking all necessary precautions to keep fans, players, coaches and staffers safe. We fully support this endeavor.