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Aaron Jones hasn’t spoken with Aaron Rodgers since before drama began

Aaron Rodgers may still be the Packers’ starting quarterback, but his star running back hasn’t heard from him.

Elite quarterbacks are known for their leadership abilities, getting the most out of their teammates, and bringing them all together — both on and off the field. It’s what Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and others have been known for.

But the new breed of quarterbacks is to be a bit more of a diva, as we’ve seen from Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson.

It started with Watson, and then Wilson moved into the forefront, complaining about his lack of protection upfront. But the two of them have since quieted down, and now it’s Rodgers who has been in the news (for the wrong reasons). He’s intimated he no longer wants to play for the Packers going forward — despite being under contract — unless major changes are made in the front office, which are unlikely.

It’s business as usual for the rest of his teammates, though, even if they haven’t heard from him — like Aaron Jones, for example.

“I’m just sitting back,” Jones said, via Pro Football Talk. “I mean, I see what everybody else sees. I mean, I haven’t heard from Aaron or anybody, so I’m gonna wait until I get up to Green Bay and see for myself or hear it from him myself. I don’t get caught up in reading the articles and things like that. I just wait until it plays out and control what I can control.”

Jones recently signed a four-year, $48 million contract, so he’s not going anywhere. As for Rodgers, well, it’s not a good look to freeze out your teammates.