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Ron Wolf tees off on Aaron Rodgers, calls Packers QB a ‘diva’

No one really knows what Aaron Rodgers’ end game truly is, but one of the brightest minds to have ever worked for the Packers organization truly is not a fan of the recent events that have unfolded.

Ron Wolf was the architect of the dynamic Packers teams of the ’90s, having served as general manager from 1991-2000. His teams won three Super Bowls, and while he wasn’t with the organization when they selected Rodgers, he did draft Brett Favre. Interestingly enough, his son, Eliot, was working for the Packers during Rodgers’ inaugural season, though, going on to spend nearly 20 years with the organization.

But Rodgers has been attempting to force his way out of Green Bay, indicating he no longer wants to play for the Packers, unless major changes happen, such as general manager Brian Gutekunst being relieved of his duties. It’s unlikely that those demands will happen, which presents the Packers with a major challenge — and distraction, for that matter — to deal with in the near future.

It’s a challenge that Wolf appears happy he doesn’t have to deal with, as he knows all too well how stressful running a team can be. And as for how Rodgers has handled the situation, well, Wolf isn’t a fan of the sequence of events. He even called Rodgers, Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson “divas.”

He does make a great point, and we agree. Those guys are under contract, and they’re obligated to deliver on their end of the bargain.