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AJ Green caught giving up on Joe Burrow INT play (Video)

All-Pro AJ Green is the Bengals’ veteran receiver, and he’s supposed to lead by example, but he did quite the opposite during one particular play in Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Green had been upset about his contract situation in the past, and he never received the long-term deal he was seeking. Instead, he and the team settled on a one-year contract.

But it’s not like he’s making a nominal amount of money. Green will earn $18.17 million this season, despite having been injured for the better part of the past few seasons. His production on the field certainly hasn’t lived up to the big money he’s making, though.

And his effort on one play during Sunday’s game didn’t, either. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was under pressure during the first half of the game, and he floated a pass in Green’s direction. The ball was overthrown, but Green just stood there and didn’t even make an effort to prevent a potential interception.

The result was an easy interception for Marcus Peters, and Green deserves some blame for it.