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Jeff Van Gundy coming off as desperate in attempt to land head coaching job

Jeff Van Gundy is one of the best basketball minds in the broadcasting world, but it’s quite clear that his heart is in coaching, and that he wants one more crack at leading a team.

Van Gundy’s coaching career started out extremely promising, when he led the Knicks to the NBA Finals. But it seems like he’s been chasing that success ever since, as his four-year tenure with the Rockets was a bit disappointing. The team made the playoffs three out of his four seasons there, but given all the talent on its roster, never getting out of the first round simply wasn’t enough to keep him employed.

In fact, it’s been over two decades since a Van Gundy-coached team won a playoff series. The clock is ticking, and at 58 years of age, he appears to know he needs to get back to coaching — sooner than later. He’s reportedly in the mix for the Rockets head coaching job, and his name has been mentioned in the news quite often over the past few months. In fact, a recent podcast featuring Brian Windhorst of ESPN relayed that Van Gundy “badly wants to get back into coaching.” It also stated the following:

“He’s really tried to reinvigorate his career. He really wants another job, and Houston is his home.”

Van Gundy is coming off desperate at this point, using his camp to relay to the media how badly he wants a job.