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Allen Robinson tiptoes around questions about Bears trade rumors

It was surprising hearing that Allen Robinson had reportedly asked the Bears to trade him, just one game into the season, but the team’s No. 1 receiver refuses to directly come out and say it himself.

Robinson did raise eyebrows when he scrubbed all mentions of the Bears on Instagram, which generally is a sign that someone is upset with another party — be it significant other, employer or otherwise. And he’s made it clear that he’s been seeking a long-term contract extension, currently playing out the last year of his current deal. But the Bears have yet to offer anything at this time.

And that’s why it was speculated that Robinson was upset about his contract situation, after he scrubbed his IG. The report about him requested to be traded then followed soon after.

But when Robinson was asked about the trade rumors, he didn’t necessarily shoot them down, and instead side-stepped the questions about whether he specifically requested to be moved.

Normally, in this type of situation, that type of report is leaked by the player’s agent, and given Robinson’s response, it sure looks like he’s unhappy about his contract. Whether or not the Bears elect to trade him remains to be seen, so stay tuned.