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Allen Robinson’s agent takes a shot at Bears for red-zone usage

The Bears have one of the top receivers in the league in Allen Robinson, and that’s why his lack of usage in the red area of the field is puzzling.

Robinson has only three touchdowns so far this season, although that isn’t due to any fault of his own. The Bears receiving corps, aside from Robinson, is awful, so he often draws double-coverage from opposing teams, making it difficult to get open. And when he does manage to get separation, the ball placement from quarterback Nick Foles often isn’t where it needs to be.

Where Robinson can really shine is in the red zone, as he can use his six-foot-three frame to his advantage. The Bears, for some reason, barely utilized him when in deep during Monday’s game against the Vikings — even though they rank second-to-last in red-zone scoring percentage (48.15%). Robinson’s agent, Brandon Parker, was not happy about it, and he let the world know about it on Twitter.

He does raise a good point. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor has to do a better job of scheming around Robinson.