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Wizards GM says Bradley Beal isn’t available for trade

The Washington Wizards remain content with keeping Bradley Beal and John Wall on board. For the last few years, the Wizards have received calls from inquiring teams about the two stars’ availability for a trade. Every time, the Wizards hang up the phone without a deal in place.

It seems this year will be no different. As the Wizards prepare for the 2020 NBA Draft, which is set for Wednesday night, Washington’s General Manager once again made it clear that Wizards guard Bradley Beal isn’t going anywhere.

The 27-year-old guard is often considered underrated. Despite being the third-overall draft pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Beal’s location often makes NBA fans forget what he’s about when on the court.

Since his debut season, Beal has only gotten better. For the past four seasons, he’s averaged at least 22 points-per-game. Just last year, Beal wrapped up the year averaging a career-high of 30.5 points-per-game in 57 matchups.

Washington has managed to crack the playoffs four times during Beal’s tenure with the Wizards, but they never seem to go far. This year, Washington is hoping to get both, Beal and Wall, back on the floor along with newly added prospects to see if they can make a surprising run in the East.

While most teams around the NBA will continue poking at the idea of trading for Beal, it seems the Wizards are going to continue shooting any and every offer that comes their way down.