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Andrew McCutchen blasts Yankees’ haircut policy

The Yankees way isn’t necessarily everyone’s way. Andrew McCutchen, a former National League MVP, believes that the New York Yankees need to get rid of their haircut policy, which doesn’t allow players to grow facial hair or have their hair length go below their uniform’s collar.

McCutchen, who played 25 games for the Yankees in 2018, made an appearance on “The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp” and said it’s not right in today’s world to keep these rules.

Prior to playing for the Yankees, McCutchen had dreads, but he was forced to cut his hair and shave his beard when he arrived in New York. McCutchen says it was “an honor” to play for the Yankees, but he believes that the haircut policy needs to be gone.

“There should be some change there in the future,” McCutchen said. “I think — especially in this year, the year of 2020,” McCutchen said. “I just feel like these things should be things that people take at heart and realize we have a way of expressing ourselves in different ways.”

“I definitely do think it takes away from our individualism,” McCutchen said.

The Yankees don’t want any one player to overshadow the organization, and that’s why they have these rules in place.

If you’re wearing pinstripes, you’re not wearing a goatee or long hair. That’s just how it is.

But times they are a changin’, so don’t be surprised if they change their policy down the road.