Bernie Lomax Royals

Bernie Lomax from ‘Weekend at Bernies’ makes appearance at Kauffman Stadium

Welcome to another strange edition of baseball during a pandemic.

Virtual fans and cardboard cutouts of fans are the new normal, and even though you get a lot more unexpected things happening from real bodies in the seats, there has been some entertainment value in cardboard cutouts.

On Thursday, the Kansas City Royals blew out the Chicago Cubs, 13-2, but it was a cardboard cutout that got all the attention from baseball fans on Twitter.

So far no has claimed responsibility for putting a cutout of Bernie Lomax from Weekend at Bernie’s behind home plate at Kauffman Stadium, but baseball fans absolutely loved it.

Weekend at Bernies was released in July 1989.

There has been some great cutouts so far, but this one is going to be hard to beat.

The Actor who portrayed Bernie, Terry Kiser, would be very proud.