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Bill Belichick surprisingly ‘stars’ in Subway commercial (Video)

He may be one of the best coaches in NFL history, but Bill Belichick isn’t exactly an extrovert.

In fact, he’s quite the opposite.

Belichick holds his players to a high standard, and he’s been known to get them to play with 110 percent effort, but he’s not the most outspoken guy. He’s not a players’ coach, and he’s certainly not a bro.

What we’re basically saying is, he’s not a pitchman, or a showman, so having him appear on a Subway commercial — with makeup on — was a bit surprising to us.

But that’s exactly what he did. In the 30-second spot, Belichick convinces a man to toss his meal, and instead settle on a footlong sub. And yeah, he was rocking a hoodie, because of course he was.

Maybe losing Tom Brady has helped Belichick come out of his shell, or something.