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Bombshell report on Redskins is about to drop

Forget about the controversy surrounding the NFL team’s nickname in Washington.

There have been rumors and teases of a huge story coming soon, that implicates a lot of the top people in the Redskins organization.

From executives to coaches, and possibly even Dan Snyder himself.

The Redskins reportedly fired Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Richard Mann II.

These two former executives will reportedly be named in whatever mess is being reported. Chief Content Officer/Senior VP/”Voice of the Redskins” Larry Michael suddenly announced his retirement yesterday after 16 years with the organization.

Here’s a thread below that gives some possible insight into the forthcoming bombshell report:

Looks like this is going to be one big story:

It is believed that a Washington Post story expected to be released today is the basis for the tweets.

That’s one way to get over the Redskins name change controversy.