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Brandon Marshall shares video of run-in with police at his home

Last season was the first one in which Brandon Marshall had fully settled into life after football, so he’s been fairly quiet since that time.

But given everything that’s been going on in the country, specifically social justice and police brutality, Marshall felt compelled to speak up and share video of a recent run-in with security guards, as well as an officer.

Seeing Jacob Blake get shot in the back seven times by police officers has had an impact on many, especially those of African American descent, and Marshall is no different. He recently attempted to move into a new home near Miami, Florida, and security guards claimed that he wasn’t allowed to be there, because his name wasn’t on a list.

But Marshall had the right to be there, yet the security guards called the police anyway, and he was treated as if he were an outsider. That’s why he began yelling at them.

“This is the problem,” Marshall began. “I come here, you feel uncomfortable, my first day moving into my new house, because my name’s not on the list, you call the cops. Now you call the cops. No, you’re not trying to do your job. There was no threat for you to call the cops. This is what we’re seeing every single day.”

Calling the police sure seemed unnecessary.