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Ivica Zubac refutes report of Patrick Beverley slamming Michele Roberts in meeting

The NBA’s governors and players have been holding meetings this week after the Bucks players chose to go on strike ahead of their scheduled game against the Magic, and there have been some periods of agitation among those involved.

A report stated that the Lakers and Clippers voted against playing games again on Wednesday night during a meeting, and it added that LeBron James actually stormed out of the meeting room.

The players did eventually agree to resume playing postseason games in the bubble, and action is likely to resume this weekend.

However, there was reportedly a tense moment involving Clippers guard Patrick Beverley and NBAPA president Michele Roberts. It stated that Beverley interrupted Roberts multiple times, then rudely interjected with “No, I pay your salary,” which clearly didn’t go over well among other NBA players.

Beverley has yet to comment on the report, but his teammate, Ivica Zubac vehemently disagreed that the Clippers guard uttered those words to Roberts.

It’s likely that Beverley will be asked about it during his next media availability, so it’ll be interesting to hear his side of the story.