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Charles Barkley takes funny jab at Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant once left Charles Barkley hanging during a live TV interview, and the “Inside the NBA” analyst clearly hasn’t forgotten about it.

Barkley has been known to deliver hot takes, which is why he isn’t well-liked among NBA players. And that’s why when Durant had the chance to snub him, of course he did exactly that, giving Barkley a one-word answer to an open-ended question.

But Barkley got the most recent laugh, during an interview with Joe Harris, who led Durant’s Nets team to victory over the Sixers with a 28-point performance. Durant was quarantined, and Harris stepped up in a big way. Barkley praised him after the game during a TV interview, and he even worked in this zinger about KD.

“Hey Joe, I just wanna thank you for answering our questions with more than one letter,” Barkley said. “Thank you very much.”