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Clayton Kershaw vows to stake a stand against racism

It’s a well-known fact that Los Angeles is extremely diverse, so one of the city’s most famous athletes is embracing the cultural diversity that California has to offer.

It’s such a large city, and when one factors in the surrounding areas and suburbs, it’s understandable that there are so many different people from different walks of life. There are plenty of one-percenters, as LA is a business hub, but also plays host to actors, actresses and musicians. However, the natives that have been there for decades are of African American and Latino descent — at least a good portion of them are.

Kershaw is well aware of that, having been in the LA area since 2008, when the Dodgers drafted him. As such, he took to Twitter to release a powerful statement ahead of “Juneteenth” — renouncing racism.

“Tomorrow is Juneteenth – the day that marks the abolition of slavery in 1865,” Kershaw wrote. “And yet today our black brothers and sisters are still facing injustices everyday, a reality that spans the history of our country. We have to stand up and say something.

“Change starts with conversations – we have to be willing to listen and learn and enter into tough conversations, both with our black brothers and sisters and with our white brothers and sisters. Silence won’t cut it. We have to start by saying something and standing up for our black brothers and sisters. I want to listen, I want to learn, I want to do better and be different. I want my kids to be different.”

Love it.