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Corentin Moutet calls Stefanos Tsitsipas’ Father ‘stupid’ after heated exchange

Corentin Moutet and Stefanos Tsitsipas get into an argument as Moutet complained about Stefanos’ father’s interventions in their Ultimate Tennis Showdown match.

The tournament, run by Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou, offers a different approach to the game, with matches consisting of four 10-minute quarters, with no games or sets involved.

The players ended up in a heated discussion after world No. 75 Moutet became angered after accusing Tsitsipas’ father, Apostolos, of disrespect by talking when he was trying to serve.

Watch below:

Eventually the umpire intervened and asked the players to resume play.

“I won’t speak about Stefanos, because he’s a good guy,” Moutet told the commentators during a mid-match interview.“But it’s just (his) father is stupid, everyone thinks he’s stupid.”He’s speaking when I’m serving, all the time. It’s not respectful.”

Just another example of tennis players being over-dramatic, when they start losing the match. With no fans in attendance, this is going to be the new normal.

Everyone watching is now a certified fly on the wall.