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Corey Davis opens up about playing after his brother’s passing

All eyes were on Titans receiver Corey Davis on Thursday night, as he elected to play in the team’s primetime game against the Colts, just a day after his brother passed away.

27-year-old Titus Davis has been battling renal medullary carcinoma, but he died on Wednesday. And while no one was sure if Corey would play on Thursday, it seemed like he was against it, but Titus’ wishes led him in a different direction.

Davis was asked about playing in Thursday’s game, and he explained the reasoning behind his decision.

“As he was laying there all he kept telling my sister was to tell me to play, regardless of what happens,” Davis said, via the team’s official website. “He just kept telling me to play, telling me to play throughout the whole process. That’s my biggest fan. Since I was a little kid I was always chasing after him and trying to be like him. I wore his number every year to copy him. He thought it was annoying, but I looked up to him tremendously. That was my idol, my hero. I tried to honor him tonight.”

Davis, to his credit, led the team in receiving, with five catches for 67 yards, on six targets. He’ll now have some extra time to grieve with his family, and we’re sending our prayers his way.