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Could Terrelle Pryor return to NFL?

The Patriots have had an affinity for working with quarterbacks and turning them into wide receivers to play in their system, and they may be looking into doing that again this offseason.

It’s a well-known fact that the Patriots offensive scheme is one of the most complex in the NFL, and that’s why they work out so many different guys, trying to find ones who are smart enough to grasp it.

Apparently, they’ve been kicking the tires on former wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, who was last on the Jaguars roughly one year ago, but a season-ending injury he suffered in August resulted in him being placed on injured reserve, and he hasn’t been in the NFL since.

Pryor himself told TMZ Sports he’s been speaking with five NFL teams, including the Patriots and Steelers.

“Those two are very intriguing,” Pryor said. “Especially Cam. I’ve been a big fan of him throughout the years … And, obviously, Big Ben, that’s my hometown of Pittsburgh, so that’s just two teams that I really want to play for.”

He added that he can “still play,” but we’re not sure if we’ll see him back in the NFL again. Pryor was never really a good route runner, and both the Patriots and Steelers are extremely precise in how crisp they want guys to run them. He had a decent career, but it’s fair to wonder if that will be it for him.