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Cowboys DC Mike Nolan somehow got hot sauce in his eye during press conference

It’s been a tough few months for Mike Nolan, as the Cowboys defensive coordinator has seen his guys put up historically-bad numbers.

The Cowboys defense ranks dead-last in the NFL in rushing yards per game, as they’re giving up 178.3 per contest on average. Scoring defense is just as bad, as the Cowboys also rank 32nd in that category as well, at 34.7 points per game.

Nolan is already on the hot seat, and he’s feeling the heat. To make matters worse, he also felt some in his eye on Monday, as he managed to get Tabasco sauce in it. Nolan was speaking to reporters at the time, when he began rubbing his eye, then admitted he had the hot sauce on his fingers.

“I’ve got something in my eye,” he said. “Just had some Tabasco on my finger and it went in my eye.”

Nolan reportedly got up and took a break for roughly two minutes to deal with the issue, then sat back down and began answering questions once again.