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Danny Amendola continues to rip into Bill Belichick

Danny Amendola is set to become a free agent in March, but it sure doesn’t look like a return to New England is in the cards.

Amendola has been fairly quiet about his tenure with the Patriots, up until now, that is. And it’s surprising that he’s been so vocal, as he won two Super Bowl rings with the team, with many NFL players giving their blood, sweat and tears — yet failing to attain even one.

But Amendola has had plenty to say about Bill Belichick, like when he credited Tom Brady for the “Patriot Way,” rather than the head coach. It’s a silly take, as it’s the coach who establishes a culture, with the players falling into line thereafter, if they buy in. Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played the game, but he didn’t birth the “Patriot Way.”

Well, Amendola picked up where he left off on Tuesday, during an appearance on “The Herd.” He made it clear he wasn’t happy about how Belichick handled contract negotiations.

“I had to negotiate my contract three years in a row by myself and take pay cuts to help him and put rings on his fingers,” he said. “It kind of wore me the wrong way. I felt like it was in my best interest for me to move on.”

It’s a business; get over it. And he certainly wasn’t the driving force of the Patriots that “put rings on his fingers.”