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Devin White boldly declares he’s NFL’s best linebacker

The Super Bowl is where legends are born, and Bucs linebacker Devin White appears to believe he’s now one.

White has actually graded out awful in coverage for the majority of the team’s games this season, but he’s a great blitzer, and has a knack for being in the right place in the right time — recovering fumbles and picking off passes for big plays. And that’s why so many fans view him in such high regard, as he looks great in the box score. To his credit, he did rack up 38 tackles — three for loss — in the playoffs, and covered a lot of the field in doing so.

He’s also great in his head, apparently. White recently did an interview with NFL Network, and he told the hosts of “Get Up” that he’s the best linebacker in the NFL.

“I mean I respect all those guys, even the guys that’s not that much older than me,” White said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Man, right now, as in just finishing that year, man I got to put myself No. 1 and there’s not no cockiness about it. Put on the tape.

“And I feel like teams don’t even run toss sweeps against us no more because they know I’m going to track it down. I just feel like I bring more to the game than just play-making ability. I feel like I’m exciting to watch because of the energy and passion I play with.”

Not even close. Fred Warner, Darius Leonard and Bobby Wagner all are better all-around linebackers than White.