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‘Washed up’ Johnny Manziel reacts to playing in his first-ever FCF game

Johnny Manziel has played in more leagues than any other football player in the history of the game, so it was only fitting that he’d participate in the first-ever week of Fan Controlled Football league action.

Manziel, who last played for the Memphis Express in the Alliance of American Football, suited up for the Zappers on Saturday night to lead his team in their game against the Beasts. Unfortunately, they came up just short, losing 48-44, in a thriller.

The game did provide excitement, though, thanks to Manziel, who nearly scored a touchdown on the first play of the game, thanks to some awful lanes taken by Beasts players.


And while Manziel didn’t come out on the winning end, he did say it was the “most fun” he’d had in awhile. He also had this to say.

“Feels like I’m super washed-up but still had a blast,'” he said, via Josh Peter of USA Today. “You see me get caught from behind, too? Times have changed. We’re definitely in 2021.”

He continued:

“The product will keep getting better as the weeks go on,’’ Manziel said. “Good start even with the loss. You know, win or lose we booze on the Zappers.’’

The booze line is classic Manziel.