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Dez Bryant wants to sign with Cardinals

Dez Bryant was virtually invisible playing for the Ravens last season, yet he apparently wants to try to pick the team he’d like to sign with in free agency.

Bryant played on a team that was really hurting at the wide receiver position, yet he barely saw the field. He caught only six passes for 47 yards, although two of which went for touchdowns, so he could maybe be of value for a team looking to improve its red-zone offense.

He played in only a few games on the one-year, $1.05 million contract he was signed to, earning just over $370K. And while he didn’t add much to the Ravens, aside from being an able body, he apparently wants to play for a team that’s already loaded with quality receivers.

“I think that would be dope being next to my boy D Hop [DeAndre Hopkins], [and] Christian Kirk, [and] Kyler Murray,” Bryant told TMZ Sports. 

He continued:

“I think they have a dope offense. I feel like they got a dope defense. I think they got a dope coach. … If I had to choose, yeah, if that opportunity presented itself, I think I would take it.”

It’s unlikely that the opportunity will present itself — probably not from the Cardinals, but maybe not from any other NFL team. Bryant had a great NFL career, but injuries took a toll on his body, and teams are hamstrung by the salary cap crunch this season. There simply isn’t much money to go around.