Ozzie Guillen Nick Swisher

Former White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen declares his hatred for Nick Swisher

Ozzie Guillen is one of those guys that never holds back.

As a player and a manager, he was one of the most outspoken figures in Major League Baseball.

Guillen, who is now an analyst with NBC Sports Chicago, expressed his hatred for former outfielder Nick Swisher after the broadcast of a game between Chicago and the Milwaukee Brewers.

He was asked who he disliked more, Carlos Gomez or Swisher:

“Oh my God, nobody can compare that with Nick Swisher,” he said. “I hate Nick Swisher with my heart. I think he hates me back, there’s nothing wrong with that.” said Guillen.

Guillen went on to say he felt Swisher was “fake.”

Swisher’s tenure with the Sox was short lived, as he was one and done in the Windy City.

Guillen managed the White Sox from 2004 to 2011, winning one World Series. He managed the Marlins in 2012 but only lasted one season. If not for his penchant for saying just about anything that comes to his mind, he’d still probably be coaching in the Majors.

You gotta love Ozzie’s honesty.