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Cowboys legend Darren Woodson gives harrowing take on coronavirus, likens it to ‘car crash’

There are still some people around the world that aren’t taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously — be it “virus fatigue” or whatever their excuse is — but former Cowboys safety Darren Woodson isn’t one of them.

Woodson is one of the best defensive backs to have ever played in the NFL, and he could be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done.

In the meantime, Woodson is enjoying retirement life, raising a family while still being involved in the football world. He did recently open up about his battle with coronavirus, having been infected following a business trip to Houston in the past. And his experience with it was eye-opening, as he claimed it was like being involved in a “car crash,” during an interview with WFAA Channel 8 (Dallas).

“All of a sudden — five hours later after a negative test — I had chills, 102 degree temperature and had all the COVID symptoms,” Woodson said. “It felt like I was in a car crash. My body was aching, sore back, legs, hard to get out of bed for a day. It affected me more mentally than physically — the first couple of days — I just didn’t know when I was going to get back to myself.”

Woodson did later recover, but it sounds like his time battling the coronavirus was extremely painful.