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Gardner Minshew has funny take about getting off Jaguars’ Covid-19 list

Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew made headlines when he was placed on the team’s reserve/Covid-19 list, but it appears to have been a mistake.

There have been issues with players getting false positives as it relates to the testing, and it looks as if that’s exactly what happened. Minshew didn’t get into the specifics, but he made it clear that he did not contract the virus, in speaking to reporters.

Not only that, he dropped this funny one-liner which is classic Minshew, and part of why we enjoy covering him so much.

“Did not contract the virus,” Minshew said. “Took one look at me ran the other way. Probably in it’s best interest.”

Too funny. And as for Minshew, he’s now been removed from the reserve/Covid-19 list, so he’s officially cleared to practice.