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Greg Zuerlein has perfect onside kick, lifts Cowboys to incredible comeback win

The Cowboys signed kicker Greg Zuerlein this offseason, and fans, as well as his new teammates, are pretty happy they did.

For some reason, the Rams elected not to pay Zuerlein, during what looked to be a special teams rebuild of sorts. It was a questionable decision, especially given how important continuity is, coming off a virtual offseason.

Their loss was the Cowboys’ gain, as Dallas signed him, as he came up huge in Sunday’s incredible 40-39 comeback win over the Falcons. The Falcons were one play away from winning, but Zuerlein delivered in the clutch, with a perfect onside kick, which the Cowboys recovered.

Not only that, Zuerlein also drained the game-winning field goal soon after, lifting his team to victory, despite them having less than a two-percent chance to do so, in terms of win probability.