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Insane front door video shows angry Richard Sherman attempting to barge into in-laws’ home

The plot stemming from the Richard Sherman arrest has thickened.

Sherman is being investigated for driving under the influence, as well as hit and run, for allegedly hitting a cement barrier while driving through a construction site in the Seattle area.

But he was arrested on separate charges, and a video that recently surfaced sheds some light on what happened. Sherman was booked at King County Jail early Wednesday morning for burglary domestic violence. He allegedly showed up at the front door of his in-laws, who live in Redmond, Washington, and the video shows him threatening someone, and attempting to barge in, as you can see below.

Sherman remains a free agent, and has been co-hosting a popular podcast. He’s been a big part of “The Cris Collinsworth podcast with Richard Sherman,” but it’ll be interesting to see if the arrest and this video have an impact on his role there.