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Peyton Manning addresses possibility of eventually working in Broncos front office

The Broncos have struggled to draft or acquire a franchise quarterback since Peyton Manning retired, so it only makes sense for the team to attempt to reach out to him in hopes of finding talent to suit up under center in the future.

Manning is one of the smartest signal-callers to have ever played the game, and he’s already been approached by major networks to sit in the booth and serenade viewers on primetime television. He’s always seen the game in a different perspective than many others, as if it slows down for him.

And so it makes sense that Manning could work in a front office one day. There’s already been rumors of him possibly doing so for the Broncos, since he still lives in the area, especially since team president John Elway has been on the hot seat. He hasn’t addressed the rumors, though, up until recently — that is.

“I am as interested in what’s going to happen as anybody because I care about it,” Manning told Mike Klis of 9News. “I’ve gone on a year-to-year basis in this second chapter. I’m going to try to do this, this year. I don’t go past that because you try different things and maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. I will always be a part of the Broncos and Colts organizations in some way. But I’m interested in what’s going to happen. I haven’t said no to anything officially forever. I’ve just said no to some things each year. The next year, maybe things change. So, who knows what will happen in that.”

We could see it happening — sooner than later.