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Ja Morant reacts to season-ending loss, remains hopeful for future

The Grizzlies were on track to make the playoffs when the NBA suspended play back in March, and it really looked like the season restart hurt them more than any other team.

Not only did the adjusted schedule do them no favors, but the season-ending injury Jaron Jackson suffered early in the season restart really did them in.

And yet, the Grizzlies gave it their best effort, and still managed to hold off the Suns and Spurs, resulting in an appearance in the play-in game. They played well in Saturday’s showdown with the Blazers, but came up just short in a 126-122 loss.

Their young playmaking superstar, Ja Morant, played an incredible game, though. He scored 35 points on 13-of-28 shooting, and dished out eight assists as well. He shared his thoughts on the loss, as well as the team’s future outlook, after the game was over — remaining positive about his squad.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited, as the Grizzlies far exceeded what anyone believed they would accomplish, and they have a great young group of players.