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Jarvis Landry pleads for Tom Brady to address social justice issues

Browns receiver Jarvis Landry wants the “face of the NFL” to address the biggest issue the league is facing right now, but it’s hard to see that happening.

Tom Brady has been in the league longer than any other player (given that Adam Vinatieri remains a free agent), and many view him to be the voice of the NFL. When he speaks, the entire league and its fans listen, and he often does so on the biggest stage possible.

But Brady has remained quiet this offseason, tasked with learning a new offense in Tampa Bay. Not only that, he’s been a supporter of the Republican party in the past, so it’s hard to see him supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Still, Jarvis Landry is pleading with Brady to do exactly that.

Good luck barking up that tree, as it’s extremely unlikely to happen.