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JJ Redick praises Chris Paul in explaining why he hates playing against him

Chris Paul is such a tough competitor, and many NBA player view him as a guy that’s great to have as your teammate, but not enjoyable to play against — similar to Russell Westbrook.

JJ Redick knows that all too well, as he played with Paul on the Clippers. It’s crazy that the two were teammates with a number of other stars, such as Blake Griffin, yet the Clippers never even reached a conference finals. CP3 is such a great floor general, who distributes the ball well, and Redick can stretch the floor — draining jumpers from everywhere.

But they’re no longer teammates, and they recently squared off against each other, with the Suns destroying the Pelicans, 111-86. Redick had some high praise for CP3 after the game, discussing how great the veteran point guard is at maximizing possessions.

“I don’t enjoy playing against anyone, and I certainly don’t enjoy playing against Chris,” Redick said. “He was a great teammate, really brought out the best in me and all of us in LA. But as an opponent, he tends to squeeze the juice out of every possession.”

We expect the Suns’ offensive efficiency to improve greatly this season, now that CP3 is running the point.