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LeBron James shares what playing in NBA at age 36 means to him

It seems like just yesterday that LeBron James was drafted, and yet, he’s set to turn 36 on Wednesday.

It’s a remarkable achievement when you sit down and think about it, given how well he’s playing, and how much physical and mental stress his body has absorbed over the years. James has already played more playoff minutes than any other player in NBA history, and that takes a toll over time. Just look at what happened to the Warriors players after five consecutive NBA Finals appearances, with Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson all having suffered considerable injuries.

James’ longevity really is impressive, especially compared to other players. He apparently doesn’t take it for granted, though, which he made clear in speaking to reporters after the team’s most recent game — sharing what playing against the Spurs on his 36th birthday means to him.

“I have been very fortunate to play some games on my birthday,” James said. “That will be another opportunity for me to play the game that I love, and celebrate another year of existence. Playing for a great team and a great organization makes it a lot greater; just very blessed and very honored, and I’m happy to do what I love to do.”

We expect a big game from LBJ on Wednesday night, as a birthday present to himself.