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JJ Watt criticizes rookie teammate Ross Blacklock for ‘selfish’ ejection

Undisciplined play is one of the biggest pet peeves of NFL coaches and veterans, so when a Texans player was guilty of that during Sunday’s Week 2 loss, the team’s leader did not shy away from criticizing his teammate.

There was a bit of shoving that took place after one particular play in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Texans-Ravens game, which takes place all the time during NFL contests. What doesn’t, however, was what Texans rookie defensive tackle Ross Blacklock did, resulting in an ejection.

And JJ Watt made sure to let him know about it.

“I’ve spoken to Ross before so it pisses me off,” Watt said after the game. “It’s a very selfish move late in the game…It’s dumb. Very dumb to hurt your team in that type of setting for no reason.”

Blacklock had better be buying his teammates dinner this week, as he’ll need to work his way out of the doghouse for his unnecessary ejection.