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Kevin Durant sends a strong message to Knicks fans about free-agency decision

It was just over one year ago when Kevin Durant was being talked about as the potential savior of the Knicks franchise, and now here we stand, with him resembling more of the villain.

Durant did indeed choose to take his talents to New York, but instead elected to sign with the team’s younger brother, in Brooklyn. The Knicks were once the only franchise in the Big Apple, with the bright lights of Madison Square Garden attracting stars from around the league. Kyrie Irving, in fact, grew up rooting for the Knicks, yet he joined Durant in Brooklyn, showing how the league’s players feel about the two New York teams.

But KD has still has been hearing it from Knicks fans, and he sent a message to them during a recent appearance on “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

“Y’all bothered me for a whole year,” Durant said, as transcribed by Larry Brown Sports. “I was trying to just chill and play and worry about my season. But all these Knicks fans and all these Knicks media bothered me the whole year. When it’s my time to talk about it, I gotta shut up now? … Y’all been one to ask these questions for a year. Now that I’m available, it’s a problem?”

Durant really can’t help but pay attention to what’s said about him on social media. He seems to spend a lot of time defending his image, and his reputation among fans.