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Jose Mourinho addresses possibility of reuniting with Gareth Bale

Real Madrid has been getting younger, especially upfront, and it sure looks like it may be time for Gareth Bale to move on and play elsewhere.

Bale has been linked to a number of different clubs, but his agent has indicated that he’d like to return to the one he previously played for, Tottenham. The interesting link is that Jose Mourinho is the team’s manager, and Bale played for him at Real Madrid, even though it was only a short stint.

And with Tottenham being mentioned in the Bale conversation, along with another one of Mourinho’s former clubs, Manchester United, “The Special One” felt compelled to weigh in about the rumors.

“I’m not going to comment on Gareth Bale – a Real Madrid player,” Mourinho said, via NBC Sports. “I don’t comment on players from other clubs. It’s not my job to have contact with agents, I don’t want to comment on that, especially on players at other clubs… I tried to sign him for Real Madrid which was not possible during my time there. But the president followed my instinct and followed my knowledge and the season I left he brought Gareth to the club.”

Mourinho knows all about the league’s policy against collusion, so he made sure to pick his words carefully there. Still, he made sure to bake some praise for Bale into his response, so we won’t be surprised if Bale ends up on Tottenham.