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Lamar Jackson shoots down talk of Ravens running up score against Browns

The Ravens jumped out to a big lead early against the Browns, and the team never let its foot off the gas pedal, no matter how little offense its opponent could muster.

Baltimore’s defensive dominated throughout the entirety of the game, and it built a 38-6 lead just minutes into the fourth quarter. And given how lifeless the Browns were, it was clear that Cleveland wasn’t ever going to make the game interesting.

As such, there was talk about the Ravens potentially taking star quarterback Lamar Jackson out of the game, to prevent him from being injured, and also from a sportsmanship angle. The Ravens refused to do so, though, sparking some talk of them running up the score against their divisional foe.

Jackson explained why the team didn’t pull him from the game, and made some good points in doing so, discussing the lack of exhibition play this particular season.

“We didn’t have any preseason games,” he said, via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. “That was my first time getting tackled since January, so I felt we needed that. Coach knows what he’s doing. It is what it is. You can get hurt at any time. I’m good. I came out of the game 100 percent. So, it’s fine.”

Those are solid points, but it still looks like the Ravens ran up the score on their heated division rival. We have no issue with it, though. If it’s a problem, then play better.