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Kyler Murray upset about low ‘Madden 21’ rating

Gamers put a lot of stock in “Madden” ratings, and apparently, so do players.

A number of guys have taken to social media over the years to gripe about what the number attached to their name says. Most recently, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray did exactly that.

The young signal-caller was a bit inconsistent in his rookie season, although he did show flashes of greatness. That does, however, make him a bit difficult to rate.

Still, the powers that be who created “Madden 21” did the best they could, giving him a respectable 77 overall rating. Murray, however, was not happy about it, which he made clear on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“Honestly, I thought y’all were joking when you said that,” Murray said. “I ended the year at a 77. I can’t really say everything I want to say on the air right now, but I kind of take it as disrespect, but it is what it is. Like I said, I’ll let my play speak for itself, so hopefully it’ll bump up during the year.”

Stephen A. Smith did a great job of stirring the pot, and Murray took the bait. At the end of the day, though, a 77 really isn’t that bad. And if Murray improves this season, he’ll certainly be adjusted over time.