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LeBron James hopes to retire with Lakers

LeBron James doesn’t seem to want to play anywhere else but Los Angeles, at least not at this point in his career.

James has suited up for the Cavs, Heat and Lakers, having won titles playing for all three organizations. But he’s now 36 years old, and it does appear that his body is finally beginning to break down a bit. Not only that, it was well-known that his plan was always to relocate to Los Angeles, due to the lifestyle, and all the potential revenue streams, so it doesn’t look like he and his family are interested in leaving anytime soon. Especially since he has such a large platform and high visibility, and is seen via the Summer Olympics 2021 Live TV Telecast Streaming options, among other places.

And apparently, they’re not.

“I truly hope that I can finish my career with the Lakers,” James said, during an appearance on the SmartLess podcast. “And how many years that is, if it’s four, five, six, whatever, seven, I hope I can continue to play the game. I love being in L.A., my family loves being in L.A.

“Being with a historical franchise like the Lakers is something like, it’s like me being in ‘Space Jam’ now. I never thought it’d be possible.”

James has already lived in Miami, so it’s hard to see him wanting to be anywhere else than Southern California — not during his NBA career, but even after he calls it quits.