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Look: Rams unveil new throwback jerseys ahead of 2021 season

The Rams made a major change over the offseason — parting ways with Jared Goff, and acquiring Matt Stafford — and they’re parlaying the hype over the team’s future outlook into a new look.

Anyone who watched the Rams over the past few seasons objectively knew that Goff was the weak point holding the team back, possibly from winning a title. Had he not turned off one of the worst performances we’ve ever seen in a Super Bowl, they probably would’ve beaten the Patriots in 2019.

But now they’ve addressed the major hole at the quarterback position, and while they lost key pieces in the secondary, they’re a legitimate title contender this season. They’re looking to cash in on the hype as well, it seems, as they recently tweeted out a photo for new throwback jerseys that they’ll be rolling out this season.

Those are cool, but the endless release and re-release of jerseys by sports teams is growing a bit tedious for some of us.