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Look: Team USA Calvin Klein outfits get roasted on Twitter

The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony took place on Friday, and, like virtually all major events, it was met by plenty of jokes on social media.

But this time, the scrutiny was actually warranted.

Team USA has a history of donning eccentric, powerful outfits that really drive home the “stars and stripes” mantra. But style concepts have evolved over the years, and now it’s all about “less is more,” with an emphasis on white space and simplicity — rather than the flashy, eye-grabbing strategy of old.

Ralph Lauren was tasked with designing Team USA’s outfits for this year’s competition, and the popular designer sure seemed to lean into modern design concepts — perhaps a bit too much.

Team USA took the stage at the opening ceremony, and looked more like a group of teenagers adhering to a private school dress code, rather than powerful, larger-than-life Olympic athletes.

At least the social media jokes did not disappoint.

They must have felt like a young child stuck with their parents picking out their clothes for them. Yeesh.