Lynch spiritual reading

Marshawn Lynch receives a spiritual reading

Marshawn Lynch is one of those guys who you’ll never forget.

The 13-year veteran NFL running back out of Oakland, California, amassed more than 10,000 rushing yards and nearly 100 touchdowns with the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills.

The man known as “Beastmode” also does a lot off the field, including acting as of late. Marshawn starred in the last season of Westworld.

Marshawn is always trying to improve and grow, which may explain why he was looking for more insight into his spiritual self.

Marshawn was in Hawaii a few weeks back, and received a spiritual reading from a lady he met while standing in line at a food truck.

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So i have not gone public with this because i wanted to make sure i had the practice, confidence, accuracy, honor and humility to utilize my powers. My new life path: Spiritual Readings using divination tools like tarot cards, pendulum work, Reiki and all around natural healing therapy. Ive been giving free readings to my friends and family and they have been incredibly accurate (πŸ™thank you universe). Yesterday some random dude came up to me in line at the food truck. He asked about my journal i write in every day and then i told him Im a medium in training and that i give spiritual readings. He freaked out in a good way and begged for one. I told him id meet him later cuz i was busy. We had an incredible 2 hour exchange. I asked for $20, he gave me $100. That was the first time i ever got earned work pay since lockdown! He told me he played for NFL, first buffalo then Seattle, then Oakland and his name is Marshawn. Im not very NFL saavy so i just said cool, and kinda shrugged it off. Im now realizing I had just given a reading to Marshawn Lynch. Ive definitely heard, "Beast mode!," before. Hoping he can write me a review to help jump start my career. I can now officially say… Ya girl Gina is a spiritual worker and i give tarot card readings!!! #realrecognizesreal #lightworker #blessed #marshawnlynch #beastmode #spiritualawakening #nfl #footballstars #ascension #massascencion #starsaligning #nflstar #wakeup #innerwork #spiritualworker #tarotcards #naturalhealing πŸ™πŸ™πŸŒŸβ€

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A two hour reading for $20 is a pretty good deal. Of course Marshawn being the mensch he is, gave her $100.

Just imagine being a fly on the wall during that reading.

The universe truly does work in mysterious ways. . .