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Matthew Judon strikes official, gets ejected (Video)

Veteran players know that making contact with an official is not tolerated, which is why Matthew Judon was scrutinized for a costly mistake during Sunday’s game.

The Steelers and Ravens squared off at M&T Bank Stadium in a pivotal divisional showdown, with the two teams fighting for first place in the AFC North. Every play matters, and in that same vein, so does every player.

Judon is one of the best players on the Ravens defense, as his presence alone helps anchor the unit. His emotions got the best of him at one point in the first half of the game, though, when players from both teams got into it after a play. Judon attempted to go after a Steelers player, but ended up striking an official in doing so.

That contact with the ref earned Judon an ejection, and in this pivotal divisional game, it wasn’t a wise decision on his part.