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Mystery team emerges in Giannis Antetokounmpo free agency sweepstakes

LeBron James dominated headlines for the months leading up to him hitting the free-agent market in 2010, until he finally made “The Decision,” in what was an iconic moment that will be talked about for years to come.

It was assumed that the spectacle and level of interest would never be replicated again, and yet, Giannis Antetokounmpo is already giving James a run for his money, even though he’s still under contract for another year.

Giannis is already being linked to roughly one-third of the league’s teams, and it sure looks like some of them have already been making roster moves in an attempt to recruit The Greek Freak in 2021. And it’s really starting to look like it will be difficult for the Bucks to retain him, especially following a second-round loss in the playoffs this season. World-class organizations like the Heat, Warriors, Mavericks and others will be making a push for Giannis, and apparently, so will the Clippers, according to a report from The Ringer. It reads:

Multiple league sources have recently said the Clippers plan to pursue a deal for Giannis. One of the sources said Giannis has an ‘admiration’ for Clippers head coach Doc Rivers.

Gotta love the timing on that report, with the Clippers looking like the most dominant team in the playoffs. Someone in that organization likely leaked this report at the perfect time. They knew exactly what they were doing. It’s surely not a coincidence that this bit of news is now out there.