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NBA Rumors Indicate Lakers Will Land Dennis Schroder

The Los Angeles Lakers are in advanced talks with the Oklahoma City Thunder regarding a trade for the veteran guard, Dennis Schroder, according to ESPN’s NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski.

Per Woj’s report, the deal could include Los Angeles’s 28th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and Lakers veteran, Danny Green. While the trade isn’t official just yet, the Lakers and the Thunder can finalize a deal on Monday afternoon as the NBA intends to uplift the moratorium, which was set back in March.

With Schroder coming into the mix potentially, the Lakers are getting a hybrid guard, who averaged 18 points-per-game during the 2019-2020 run. Last season, Schroder came off the bench for the surprisingly solid OKC Thunder and was a crucial piece to the team’s short-lived playoff run.

Although the Thunder managed to make the postseason last year, the team fully understands it’s headed for a re-build. Therefore, they are embarking on a fire sale this offseason. While veteran point guard Chris Paul is expected to be the biggest bait on the market from the Thunder, it seems Schroder will be the first piece to get moved.

If the 27-year-old guard does find himself traded to the Lakers, Los Angeles would be his third team since entering the NBA as the 17th overall pick in 2013.