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Nick Chubb stiff-arms Eagles defender into oblivion on long run (Video)

Browns running back Nick Chubb continues to show why he’s one of the best, if not the best, at his position.

Chubb and Vikings running back Dalvin Cook have made a habit of looking untackleable, turning short gains into chunk plays, helping out their quarterbacks in a big way. They, along with Alvin Kamara, round out the top tier of running backs, and there’s a lot of debate about who’s best.

The Eagles defensive front excels at stopping the run, but facing Chubb is a completely different story. Stopping the paltry NFC East offenses is one thing, but Chubb is an absolute nightmare for opposing eams. He showed that on one particular play in the second half of the game, when he stiff-armed an Eagles defender to the ground, and finished it off with a long run.

It looked like a short gain on first glance, but went for a lot more, thanks to Chubb.