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John Harbaugh snubs Mike Vrabel on postgame handshake

It’s unclear exactly what was said between the two head coaches during the pregame skirmish, but it sure looked like there was some bad blood between the Ravens and Titans, judging by what took place after the final seconds ticked off.

There was a lot of talk about it being a “revenge” spot for the Ravens, given that the Titans eliminated them from the 2019 playoffs back in January. They sure didn’t play like it, blowing a 21-6 lead, and eventually losing in overtime, on a walk-off touchdown run by Derrick Henry.

John Harbaugh wasn’t in the best of spirits after the brutal loss, and maybe that’s why he snubbed Mike Vrabel on a potential postgame handshake.

The two had some words before the game, and maybe that’s why Harbaugh snubbed Vrabel there.